Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


A RANT TO THE arrogant, ungrateful person who uses the food bank and now wants gift cards and holiday food. Get a job and buy your own food.

RANT FOR THE PERSON who had the gall to complain about what they received for free from the food bank.

I FIND IT HARD TO believe that anyone receiving free food from the food bank could be so ungrateful.

I THINK WOODY MERRY was wrong to apologize for his actions concerning the vote to rehire Julie Huggins.

WHY ARE TAXPAYERS paying the lawyer bills for Fennoy?

THE CHRONICLE SHOULD be ashamed. You only print pro-Obama, pro-leftist stuff.

I ENJOY Rants & Raves very much. Keep it coming.

MY RANT IS ABOUT baggy, saggy pants.

A RAVE FOR ALL our military. In my book, they are all heroes.

A RAVE FOR Barack Obama. Now that he is elected, businesses large and small will hire thousands of new employees with great salaries and health care benefits, the terrorists will surrender and join the Peace Corps, and we will all live happily ever after.

A RAVE FOR THE uptown VA for the drive-through flu shots that they offered to veterans.

THIS IS FROM A 20-year Army veteran. I'd like to send out a rave to Creekside Elementary School in Grovetown and tell them thank you very much for a great Veterans Day ceremony.