Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


KEEP RICHMOND COUNTY schools open and keep them up so our children can learn. If you close the schools up, then one day you are going to have to build bigger jails.

RE: THE PERSON who said that they had bad feelings about Obama: Why didn't you have bad feelings about President Bush?

ANYBODY, BLACK OR WHITE, that wants to be president of this country at this time has got to be crazy.

GAS PRICES ARE really low. I guess that's George Bush's fault too, huh?

U.S. REP. PAUL BROUN is a very typical extreme right-wing crazy man screaming about guns being taken away from Americans.

I MADE A VERY LARGE mistake when I voted for Paul Broun to represent me. This is a mistake that I will not repeat in the future.

I THOUGHT THE Civil War was over? I wake up and I see that the national Democratic Party is sending a bunch of carpetbaggers down here to tell us how to run the senatorial run-off.

BIG RAVE FOR my newspaper carrier on the 200 block of West Avenue.

RANT AGAINST Rep. Paul Broun for referring to President-elect Obama's future actions by stating he will establish a Gestapo-like security force to impose a Marxist dictatorship.

I WAS DELIGHTED to hear that Sam Nunn from Georgia will be serving on the transition team for President-elect Obama. This casts the state of Georgia in a very favorable light.

RAVE FOR MY GRANDSON on finding a cell phone on Saturday at the mall and returning it to the owner, a minister. His parents and myself want him to know how really proud of him we are. He is a student at Lucy C. Laney High School.

RANT FOR Congressman Broun. Comments like the one he made are the reason why Republicans are in the minority party now.

I BELIEVE THAT REP. BROUN should keep his remarks in the positive.

CUL DE SAC AIN'T FUNNY. I think it's using up space on the comic page that could be used for another comic strip.