Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


IN RESPONSE TO: "I have a really bad feeling about the next president ..." Getting our country involved in an unnecessary war, sitting on his "laurels" for an entire week while one of the biggest cities is flooded and totally wrecking the economy were all fears listed. Aren't these all things that Bush did? Am I just missing the sarcasm here?

I AM SO ASHAMED of Augusta right now regarding these whiny rants about Barack Obama. We are so behind the times down here. People need to get with the program and realize Mr. Obama can bring a different flavor to our country that is supposed to be a mixture of many different ethnic backgrounds.

DO WE REALLY WANT to accept this socialism pill sitting down?

IF THE COST OF gasoline affects the cost of other items, and the cost of gasoline decreases, can we expect that the cost of those other affected items will decrease?

RANTS & RAVES is full of hateful thoughts about the results of the presidential election. Can we still call this a Christian nation?

PRESIDENT BUSH HAD a Republican-controlled Congress during the first six years of his administration. During that time he did not veto a single bill. Democrats have had a slim majority for less than two years. Why do some blame the Democrats for the economic mess?

THIS IS A RANT to your newspaper. Ever since that socialist communist was elected president, you've been featuring his picture on the front page every day. I don't remember President Bush's picture being on the front page every day after he was elected. Print this if you got the guts and courage to, 'cause you're lilly-livered just like the rest of the communist Democrats.

IT'S REALLY A SHAME that the Rants & Raves is full of rants towards Obama. Whether you like him or not, he has made history for the United States of America.

TO THE 16-YEAR-OLD who thinks Bill Clinton was a horrible person: Well, you don't work and pay taxes. What do you think of President Bush? Is he a horrible person for putting us in a deep, dark hole?

IT IS NOT RACIST not to vote for Barack Obama. If J.C. Watts had run for president, many of the people who refused to vote for Obama would have voted for J.C. Watts. We simply do not want a socialist dictator as president.

THIS IS A BIG RAVE to Augusta's own Lady Antebellum on the award for Country's Top New Artist. We are so proud of you.