Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


YOU REPORT "6.8 percent of (Augusta area) homes in foreclosure." So, 93.2 percent of the Augusta area suffers for these greedy gamblers who bet on a super long shot and lost?

I AM A WHITE American who voted for John McCain. The Christian attitude -- and one I have -- is I will respect my new president, pray for his safety and have an open mind.

WHY MUST THE CHRONICLE run a front section story about a kids' play that brainwashes our youth with the idea that because a homosexual got murdered, his being a homosexual makes him a hero?

I JUST WISH THAT everyone would sit back and give our new president a chance.

ARE THE WHITE citizens of Augusta willing to openly admit that they did not vote for Barack Obama because he's black. I dare you.

FOR CHRISTIANS OUT THERE, are you really going to tell me that Barack Obama being elected was not in your God's plan? Works in mysterious ways, right?

PAUL BROUN IS the rabid right's version of Cynthia McKinney.

HUGE RANT TO Augusta Groove. Shame on you for once again making commitments to respectable organizations in the CSRA only to back out in the last hour.

THIS ELECTION HAS BEEN nothing but racial and not by color. I always had said it's not the president that runs the country; it's Congress. So stop blaming the president for our problems.

THANK YOU, BARACK OBAMA, for making all of the closet racists dust off their hoods and sheets and show their true colors.

I DON'T THINK I will ever recover from this election. I am deeply concerned for my country right now. It's too bad that so many people didn't see Barack Obama for the socialist that he is.

I AM A DEMOCRAT who voted Republican for the second time in my voting history. It's just that I don't trust anyone with the name of Hussein.

DO WE NEED PROOF that the U.S. government has grown madly out of proportion and far more than the Founding Fathers ever intended? For the change over from Bush to Obama, 3,000 new people will be appointed to jobs. That's bigger than many towns in the U.S. and it's insane.

A RAVE FOR CNN News for its on-screen translations of Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's comments about the economy. I'm beginning to catch on -- sort of.