Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers.


RAVES TO THE JUDGES who are doing their jobs by staying the execution of Troy Davis because of the serious doubts about his guilt.

ALAS, FOREIGNERS, TOO, got snookered by Obama.

AUGUSTA COMMISSIONERS are considering naming a "proposed" judicial center for a living judge. Bad idea. Don't name any such thing for a living person. Something always comes back to haunt you.

AUGUSTA AREA SCHOOL KIDS and teens, please pitch in to keep our streets litter free. It belongs to you.

I DID NOT VOTE for him, and I do not agree with any of his political views. But now it is my responsibility to pray for him every day. I look forward to the opportunity to fulfilling that responsibility.

RAVE FOR LYNN BAILEY with the Board of Elections. She did an excellent job. We had no problems here in Richmond County. She is a super woman.

HOPE OUR NEW president will send us checks to help us through these bad times instead of sending checks overseas to people that can't stand us.

I WAS IN TRINITY HOSPITAL waiting on my granddaughter to see the doctor. I went in the bathroom and left my wallet in the bathroom, came out. Another lady went in and saw my wallet with everything in it and she brought it out and turned it in to the desk. I want to say thank you.

A RANT TO my neighbor on Pennsylvania Avenue who stole my Obama sign from my front yard. He admitted doing it and would not apologize or return my sign, which I painted myself.

THIS IS TO ALL those people who think that God chooses who will be president. I think this time God, along with the people of America, obviously made a bad choice.

RANT FOR ALL the Republicans trying to attack Sarah Palin. She was right to call them jerks and cowards, but she should have expected it.