Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


A RAVE FOR President-elect Obama. Will we be able to get our "share the wealth" checks before Christmas?

MARTHA KING really and truly is a blessing for Augusta. God bless you, Martha King, for putting up with Augusta. We love you.

THIS IS A RAVE for our great Sheriff Ronald Strength and all of the R.C.S.D. Thank you for keeping us on Bungalow Road under house watch. It's great to know that as busy and understaffed as you are, you do care about our safety. God bless you for a job well done.

THIS IS A RAVE for Obama for winning. I'm white and I voted for him. I hope he is as good a president as Bill Clinton was. We don't need another Republican in the White House.

I WOULD LIKE TO know why everybody is calling the new president an African-American when he is half-white and half-black?

REPUBLICANS , maybe you will learn your lesson and not resort to petty and vile mudslinging in future elections.

I HAVE A RAVE FOR the voters participating in early or advance voting. Some stood in line for hours. The dedication of these voters allowed me to complete my voting process on Election Day in eight minutes.

EVERY DAY GEORGIA State Patrol officers and Richmond County officers on Bobby Jones Expressway are stopping the speeders. I think they should have them out on Mike Padgett Highway.

FINALLY A CHANGE has come. Thank you, America.

THE REAL LOSER IN the election was the so-called mainstream media. They have lost all sense of objectivity.

WE FINALLY GOT someone back in the White House who might be able to clean up the mess that we are in. Remember, it's going to take a year or two to get us out.

TO THE MAJORITY of voters in this country. On Nov. 4, 2008, you ended the democratic process in the United States of America. In its place will be socialism, then dictatorship. May God have mercy on us and our country.

THANK YOU FOR the rave for Blythe Police Department and Chief Hornsby. He's my brother.