Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


MR. CARL, of Savannah River Keeper Inc., is "surprised" to find trash in the Savannah River? If he's such a hot keeper, why didn't he already know? Besides, he's never been elected to keep the river that his group appears to think they, and they alone, own. Maybe he should just quietly watch the river from the perspective of nature rather than politics.

OBAMA CALLS socialism "opportunity." It's Obama's opportunity to become a dictator.

RAVE FOR THE Columbia County Sheriff's Department for holding a citizens firearms course. It is a great community service.

WHOEVER WAS IN charge of designing the new approach to Bobby Jones Expressway from Scott Nixon Drive should be fired. It is not clear at all.

RAVE TO THE CHILD who spoke up and told she had been touched inappropriately and the mother that cared enough to believe and file the necessary paperwork to put this person in jail.

A RAVE TO the gentleman who paid for two very senior citizens' dinner at Golden Corral on Oct. 29. Thank you.

SOME COMPLAINED THAT Sarah Palin can't pronounce nuclear. Maybe she has never heard Jimmy Carter pronounce it.

I WOULD LIKE to know how much money the city of Augusta could save if we got rid of Fred Russell. The only thing I've seen him do is propose raising our taxes.

I'M CALLING ABOUT Glenn Hills High School. I don't think Glenn Hills is a bad school, but I think the children that go there need some parents to guide them.

A RAVE FOR a salesman in customer service at Toys "R" Us. My grandson was looking for a Thomas the Train outfit for Halloween and she referred me to another store and I found it and I made him very happy

WE ALREADY HAVE socialism here in the United States. It's called Social Security, and if we're smart, we'll get rid of it finally and quit wasting the taxpayers' money.