Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


ELECTION'S OVER. Look for the price of gas to start rising again.

IT'S SAD HOW much these candidates spent. Think of the good things that could have been done with all those millions of dollars.

I WISH MORE PEOPLE who live in Blythe would start attending our city council meetings. Everyone should see how unqualified the mayor and city council are.

AUGUSTA AMONG schools with large black populations, has the sixth lowest graduation rate (for black males) in the whole USA? Also, the white male graduation rate isn't much better, just 43 percent? That's beyond pathetic.

KUDOS TO THE Greater Augusta Sports Council and all the sponsors of the first Augusta Half Marathon. The course and volunteers were extremely well-organized -- can't wait for next year!

A BIG RANT to the person who lives on Keysville Road in Burke County. You think the lovely chimes at Blythe Methodist Church should be louder. The children who live close to that church are getting their eardrums blown out by these beautiful chimes so that selfish people like you who live miles away can hear.

WHAT WOULD IT TAKE to extend the sidewalk along the Harlem-Grovetown Road from the middle school to Euchee Creek Park? The distance is probably less than half a mile and would make it a much safer walk.

A BIG RAVE to the Blythe police department, especially Chief Hornsby. They really do a great job.

A RAVE FOR A MAN named Daniel that stopped at the scene of an accident to help me and my son.

RAVES to the Richmond County Board of Education for hiring Dr. Bedden as well as for working with him to establish a student learning-focus in schools and to establish open communication with the Augusta community at large.