Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


A HUGE RAVE to the woman and her son who helped me with my groceries during the recent rainstorm. She even loaded them in my white van for me. Thank you for your respect.

A RAVE FOR THE family who were at Red Robin. We did not have the chance to thank you for the thoughtful act that you did for us. God bless you!

RANT FOR THE PEOPLE who manage our lake. Thanks to you, our lake is in a big mess. The water level is dangerously low. You seem to want to blame it on not getting enough rain, but then I see lakes around us that are full. The fact is you're letting too much water go downstream.

RANT TO THE FAMILY Y for taking a position in support of the Columbia County referendum on an aquatic-tennis complex.

RAVES TO THE engineers who have designed and the workers who are building Augusta an interstate highway complex which brings our road system into the 21st century.

GEORGIA PUBLIC SERVICE commissioners are paid $117,400 a year? That's too much for a public servant. Remember, no incumbents.

PARENTS IN COLUMBIA County need to step up to the plate and pay for their children for field trips -- education is a two-way street -- and not allow the teachers to shoulder all the burden so every student can get the opportunity to go on the trips.

CONGRATULATIONS GHHS! The new uniforms look great! Homecoming was beautiful, even though it rained.

AUGUSTA CANAL FOLKS still beg for money from taxpayers. The canal won't go away, and in these tough economic times, why would sensible voters vote to tax themselves more?

RAVES TO THE Augusta Canal Authority and those who assisted them in the design and construction of the impressive improvements made near the Augusta Canal Headgates near the Savannah Rapids Pavilion in Columbia County.

THIS IS A RAVE for the faculty of Evans High School. As the parents of a ninth-grader, we were concerned about the transition from middle school. The compassion and concern shown by all have made this move a wonderful experience.