Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


WHY IS THE Augusta Half Marathon constantly referred to as the "INAUGURAL" half marathon? The first Augusta Half Marathon was held Dec. 6, 1981. Check the archives. It was also sponsored by The Augusta Chronicle.

RICHMOND COUNTY OFFICIALS need to get tough with fines and community service for the trashy people who litter. Bring back the chain gang.

DID ANYONE NOTICE how biased The Chronicle was in the Oct. 23 edition? Underneath each of the polling results for the battleground states, there was a negative comment about Obama, but not one about McCain. Republicans are desperate people right now.

RAVES TO Commissioner Dr. Gena Evans, Board Chair Bill Kuhlke and the rest of the GDOT for their impressive expansion work on Augusta's Interstate highways.

A HUGE RAVE FOR the Women's Medical Center at University Hospital and the nurses on the Labor and Delivery Floor.

I WAS AT SALVATION ARMY when a woman went ballistic. Her complaint? She read the sign that said she had to produce ID to get her freebies. She first let everyone in hearing know that she hadn't had to do that in all the years she'd been coming there. Also, she named two other charities she knew for a fact didn't ask for ID. She then stormed out, saying she would never be back, accusing the workers of stealing presents from her kids. Unbelievable.

CAN SOMEBODY TELL US which presidential candidate God prefers, and why?

PEOPLE ARE SO CAUGHT UP in the economy that they are forgetting about the youth of this country serving in Iraq. Most joined the military with the best intentions, but they are being destroyed, not only physically, but mentally.

ABOUT THE CURRENT economic crisis brought on by the Fed lowering interest rates that created the giant and artificial real estate bubble: "I made a mistake," admits Greenspan, who should be forced to pay back every dollar that's been lost.

AS USUAL, OUR federal government blows money like it was air. Defense Secretary Gates says they spend $900 million "for work to end domestic violence...." in the military. Certainly, everybody is against domestic violence; but spending $900 million can pay for personal body guards for EVERY single person in the U.S. military. So, who's pocketing all this money?