Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


RANT TO THE PERSON who stole my Obama-Biden sign. Just because you stole my sign does not mean you stole my vote.

A RANT FOR the moron who stole my McCain-Palin yard sign on Hardy Drive in Grovetown. By doing this you committed three crimes: stealing, trespassing onto private property and my right to express my freedom of speech. It's obvious you are uneducated, misinformed and don't have any common sense. I paid $20 for this sign. I work for a living, pay taxes, and you have deepened my resolve for always voting Republican.

THIS IS TO ALL the EMTs that have come to my house to rescue me when I've fallen because I'm 100 percent disabled. I appreciate everything that you do.

A RAVE FOR Augusta Chronicle for backing John McCain for the next president.

WHY DO PEOPLE think that the president can do everything he promises us when in fact the Democrats control the Senate and House?

WASHINGTON ROAD HAS been resurfaced and looks good, but when will the traffic lights be reset or adjusted?

I DO NOT oppose Barack Obama because he is black. I oppose Barry because he wants to lose the war that we are winning right now.

DO AUGUSTA DRIVERS know what a turn signal is?

THE DEMOCRATIC Senatorial Campaign Committee are blatant liars. The Flat Tax is not an additional tax; it is a fair tax that will eliminate the federal income tax.

A RANT TO employers of Augusta. It seems like the only job a young person can get is a fast food job.

THIS IS A RAVE for Kinsey and Walton's Funeral Home. Loretta Walton and her staff are heaven sent.

A HUGE RANT ABOUT the nonsmokers who complain about smoking in public. What about the nonsmokers who wear too much perfume and cologne?