Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


COLUMBIA COUNTY Chairman Ron Cross tells citizens to vote for a 1-cent sales tax for six years and he will give them a better quality of life. Columbia County conservative citizens do not believe in this socialist request by Cross.

I JUST GOT THROUGH reading Bill Kirby's Oct. 26 article. That ought to be plastered on the front of every newspaper in the United States. Keep up the good work, man.

RAVE FOR Joe the Plumber and all practicing plumbers, and a rant for the politicians who belittle their trade and the compensation they receive for their skills.

HEY, MR. MAYOR, if you and your rich friends want a $25 million stadium, have at it with your own money and don't spend poor people's money on your new toys.

COLIN POWELL is a turncoat.

THANK YOU to the three men who pushed my gray Camry on Washington Road when my car overheated.

I AM SO TIRED of the negativity of this campaign season. I just wish I had another choice when it came to voting. And, Chronicle , you guys are just as bad as anyone else when it comes to the negativity.

I HAVE A RAVE. I live on Keysville Road in Burke County and I hear beautiful chimes coming from Blythe Methodist Church. They are such a lovely sound in the middle of the day and on the weekends and the evenings. The only complaint I have is that I wish they were a little bit louder.

WHEN IS SAXBY CHAMBLISS going to realize that we don't want to see him attacking Vietnam veterans any longer? He lied about Max Cleland; now he's lying about Jim Martin.

OUR PRESENT PROBLEMS were not caused by the Republicans. It all started with Carter, a Democrat.