South Carolina U.S. Senate Race

Mr. Graham pushed to fund a border fence and to require that employers check a biometrics identification card and face fines if they knowingly hire illegal workers. He is a vocal supporter of legal immigration, arguing that most Americans are descended from immigrants. He also says it's good for the economy to welcome leaders from foreign companies because they can bring offices and plants here and create jobs for Americans.


Graham spokesman Scott Farmer says those who call Mr. Graham soft on illegal immigration have been misled.

Mr. Conley wants to restrict all immigration, both legal and illegal. He has called for erecting a fence along the Mexican border equipped with electronic surveillance and more Border Patrol agents.

He says children of illegal immigrants who are born on U.S. soil should not receive birthright citizenship.

He would automatically deport illegal immigrants who are convicted of any crime, including those who must first complete a prison term.

He opposes "artificial timelines" and was an early supporter of the troop surge in Iraq and of asking the Iraqi government to finance more of its rebuilding, according to Mr. Farmer.

Mr. Farmer said one of the key differences between Mr. Graham and his opponent is that the Democrat "wants to completely pull out of Afghanistan."

Added Mr. Farmer: "There are a number of people who have questioned certain things in Iraq, but virtually all have said we have to win in Afghanistan. We know the Taliban is there. We know al-Qaida is there."

He has been quoted as saying all overseas troops should come home. According to his Web site: "It's time to admit that the 'surge' has worked as much as it could, or ever will, and begin to bring our heroic troops home in a safe and orderly manner as the Iraqis assume control of their country."

Added Conley spokesman Lee Griggs, "I know certain senators would love to see troops all over the place. ... We think it's time to bring home the troops from a number of areas. We're spending billions overseas to act as a police force for countries that have been taking care of themselves for 50 years."

He voted for the $700 billion bailout bill, but Mr. Farmer said Mr. Graham wasn't happy about it and blamed greed on Wall Street and lack of governmental oversight over lending giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

"The option of doing nothing and potentially going into a Great Depression-like collapse ... was not an option," Mr. Farmer said.

He called the $700 billion bailout bill corporate welfare.

"The Wall Street firms and financial sector were already taking corrective measures of their own by selling off their assets, scaling down operations, moving out of risky lines of business and merging with each other, doing what troubled companies have always done when faced with a crisis," Mr. Conley said in a statement. "This accelerates the dangerous trend whereby the rich get richer and too big to fail, while the rest of us get poorer and are forced to fail."

He opposes abortion except when the mother's life is in danger or if the pregnancy was the result of rape or incest. He was endorsed by the anti-abortion group South Carolina Citizens for Life which always endorses incumbents if they're anti-abortion.

He is "100 percent" anti-abortion and opposes the procedure under all circumstances, Mr. Griggs said.

On Second Amendment issues, his voting record scored a 100 percent rating by the National Rifle Association.

He opposes lawsuits against firearm manufacturers and says gun owners should not have to register their weapons in a national gun registry.

He opposes lawsuits against firearms manufacturers and says gun owners should not have to register their weapons in a national gun registry.