Faces of Survival: Janette Daniel



FAMILY: Two children, Heather Mobley and John Daniel Jr.; and three grandchildren: Amy Daniel, 9, Bennett Mobley, 6, and Harrison Mobley, 3.

OCCUPATION: Administrative assistant with the Richmond County Health Department for more than 25 years

DIAGNOSED: October 2000

WHAT HELPED: My family, my faith in God and a positive attitude played a huge part in my cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. My family was with me and supported me from first diagnosis, through four rounds of chemotherapy and several surgeries. My daughter went to every appointment with me and was there through the bad times and the better days. Without my children and grandchildren, the journey would have been much longer. This time of my life helped strengthen my faith in God. I learned to depend on Him more and it helped change my outlook on life. I never take anything for granted now. I've learned to appreciate everything and everyone in my life more. Being a part of the Pink Magnolia Breast Cancer Support Group has been a great help, also. To know that others have gone through what you are experiencing gives comfort.

OUTLOOK: I have better appreciation for life and a desire to help others facing cancer. Being able to share what you've gone through with others during their time of cancer makes it all worthwhile.

ADVICE: Always keep a positive attitude. Become a part of a support group where others can help you and give you support and encouragement. Live life to the fullest, and women, get your yearly mammogram and take charge of your health!