Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


WHILE I DON'T agree with the DOT's decision not to allow left turns from Wheeler Road onto Robert C. Daniel Parkway, I really don't understand the inconsiderate behavior of those who continue to do so, backing up traffic behind them.

A RANT FOR city officials! Bring back jobs to AUGUSTA! In one month I will be out of a job! I have tried to find another job in AUGUSTA with no luck! What am I supposed to do?

RANT TO COMMISSIONERS for continuing to stall the X-Mart opening. The unemployment rate is up, and you're chasing away an employer. So get off their case or come feed my kids!

I HAVE NEWS FOR the person saying Richmond County police officers live in Harlem. You are correct, but they also live in Thomson and other surrounding cities. I agree about driving the county cars home.

THERE WAS A TIME when prison/jail inmates lost many of the privileges of citizenship, such as voting. Now, they're registering these thugs to vote. Anybody stupid enough to be a criminal is certainly too stupid to vote.

A RANT TO all Augusta businesses who let their employees smoke out in front of the stores. I find it very offensive. Why should I have to spend my hard-earned money with you and then let your employees blow smoke in my face?

A RAVE to the Republicans that are standing their ground and have a basic knowledge to understand that the Democrats currently control the House and Senate, which means they are responsible for this current mess that the country is in!

RAVE TO ALL THE wonderful, hard-working paraprofessionals at A. Dorothy Hains Elementary School. They are great with the children and play a big part of the school system. They are not paid nearly what they should be making for the sacrifice made daily.

TO THE FEMALE RCBOE police officer on Broad Street at 9 a.m. on Wednesday: You need to slow down.

MY COMPANY USES Fuelman cards and everyone is held responsible for their issued card. How could the county not know whose card was being used?

THE FOCUS OF Friday night is FOOTBALL. The cheerleaders and the band are ancillary accoutrements. The game is the object of the exercise. Stop whining.