Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


IT'S VERY SIMPLE. What happened to help thy neighbor? You know, the rich people out there, they won't help their neighbor. So we need to look back at the old school.

A BIG RAVE for Arts in the Heart and the whole Westobou Festival. Ten days of great entertainment, food and fun.

ANYBODY WHO VOTES for Republicans after what they did on Sept. 29 should be barred from the election hall. These little babies were crying because Ms. Nancy Pelosi told them how it was.

I WANT TO TALK about the bailout that Congress is screwing up. On Jay Leno the other night, his guest said to give each of the 300 million people in the United States $1 million. The economy will straighten itself out then.

THIS IS A RAVE for my neighbor Gregory. He's so sweet to me and takes out my trash and lets me share his black box cable television, and I just wanted to thank him for that.

I WOULD LIKE TO recommend that every married couple go and see the movie Fireproof . It is a wonderful movie for couples and it will help your marriage.

RAVE FOR JASON at the Evans Bank of America. Thanks so much for helping me straightening out my account.

BARACK OBAMA SAYS he already has a plan to fix the troubled economy. Fine. Like the Nike commercials say: "Just Do It." The Democrats are in power in Congress, so all he has to do is submit his plan to his sycophants in the House and Senate and use his power of persuasion to make them pass his bill, and problem solved.

WHEN YOU HAVE bugs in your house, you call an exterminator. Well, we have bugs in Congress, the White House, federal courts. So, why don't we vote them all out?

WHAT PATHETIC CHOICES Georgians have in the upcoming Senate race. Count on us losing, no matter who wins.

THANK GOD FOR Dr. Dana Bedden. The change was needed and he is making a difference. We must pray for him often.