Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THE GAMES SEEM to be all about the football players. I think more emphasis needs to be put on the band and cheerleaders at halftime.

WHY IN THE WORLD would you not call the police when you find a gun in the classroom?

RANT FOR Commissioners Don Grantham and Jimmy Smith. I was somewhat shocked to see they used some free gas. I expected more from them.

RAVE FOR MS. J. in the office at Hephzibah Middle School. She is always friendly and helpful, no matter how busy.

LET'S SHOW those boneheads in Washington who's in control. I challenge each of you to vote against any incumbent.

MCG WAS MADE a smoke-free campus, so the smokers now huddle on the VA side of Harper Street. I have found smokers to be less productive than nonsmokers due to taking so many breaks.

THE PROPOSED MOSQUITO fee is just another example of the taxpayer getting nothing for the money.

THE ARTICLE on Augusta State University naming rights was well written, but two details were omitted. Reese Library with its Reese Room were both named after the parents of alumna Katherine Reese Pamplin.

I MOVED AWAY seven years ago. In town on business. WOW, Augusta has grown. You should be proud of your progress.