Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


STOP THE FREE GAS for city officials. That's fuel that could be used where it is needed much more, like an ambulance or fire truck. And let them pay for their own cell phones, too.

IF EVERY STATION in the CSRA had gas, and IF every driver tried to get gas at the same time, there would still be long lines! Go get gas in the middle of the night. The lines are shorter.

GEORGE, BAIL ME OUT. I don't need that much -- $500,000, will work for me.

TO THE MILITARY PERSON who can't find Southern hospitality in Augusta -- that's because it's now hard to find a real authentic Southerner due to such a conglomerate of cultures here, and who have no hospitality whatsoever.

RANT FOR ALL the morons who want a baseball stadium. You can't even keep the city clean. We need a drag strip.

THE CHRONICLE'S coverage of boxing and hockey are pathetic.

FOR THE AUGUSTA Symphony on the Cirque De La Symphonie: BRAVO.

THE REASON witnesses in the Troy Davis case are recanting their testimony is simple. They are being pressured to recant. Troy Davis is a convicted cop-killer and should be executed without delay.

A HUGE RAVE TO RN Nurse Lindsey of University Hospital emergency room! What a compassionate and caring spirit.

FOR ALL YOU arrogant, self-righteous Georgia fans: Thanks to the Crimson Tide, you can forget about your grand illusions.

WHY DOES THE Richmond County Sheriff's Department allow officers to bring their cars home. Especially when they LIVE in Harlem?

RANT TO THE reader comment section on Rant & Rave online. Get rid of it all together. It's not a chat room and no one is responding to the rants.

RANT FOR THE Coliseum Authority for paying big bucks for attorney fees for Fennoy. An out of court settlement should have been rendered to prevent the small incident from escalating into such an expensive situation for taxpayers.

RAVE FOR Sylvia Cooper's excellent article on the Iris Club.