Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers.


KUDOS TO THE Westobou Festival! I've so enjoyed the concerts. And this year's Arts in the Heart was fabulous. One thing I might ask of the chefs/cooks for the popular booths: Is there any way to arrange for more ovens and/or cookpots? The Phillipines were running long lines and the Jamaican beef patties by the Caribbean folks kept selling out as soon as they came out of the oven.

A BIG RAVE to Wayne at Lakeview Towing Service in Louisville, Ga. Wayne drove to Augusta to rescue me with two gallons of gasoline after I realized I was on empty.

WHY AREN'T SCHOOLS being postponed? People need to conserve gas!

RAVES TO THE nice, young man at the Evans Wal-Mart who, off the clock, took the time to help me move a few heavy bags of pet food into the back of my truck.

WHEN PEOPLE ARE lined up outside their banks, trying to collect their FDIC-guaranteed savings and bank accounts, they will realize that the government shouldn't be bailing out private interests.

A RANT FOR PEOPLE getting gas when the line is backed up. Please get your gas and move on! Some of us have jobs and schools to get to.

HEADLINE: "Augusta violates (federal) air rule." To heck with federal air rules. Various federal "standards" are right now destroying our economy.

ASHBY KROUSE III is punished with two years' probation and a $2,000 fine. Where is justice? Flown!

A RANT TO THE woman who backed up to the gas pump in the wrong direction and blocked people who had waited for so long before her at U.S. Highway 25 and I-20. You are what you are.

A RANT FOR THE jerk that stole the walker out of the 88-year-old woman's parking place in Woodbine West.

IF YOU CAN'T figure out Columbia is EAST on I-20, and Atlanta is WEST on I-20, perhaps you shouldn't be driving, Sparky.