Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


A 'REVIEW' SAYS Georgia's math test for eighth-graders matched the state curriculum, thus it's just fine. Meanwhile, "nearly 40 percent of eighth-graders failed the math CRCT this year." Is the problem the students, the teachers, the politicians or the parents? Obviously, it's all four!

OUR IDIOT GOVERNMENT wants to bail out foreign owned banks. I'd like to see our entire ruling class fired and have it replaced by the first 800 names in the Columbia County phone book. Things could only improve!

CAN WE ELECT the smart presidential candidate this time?

RANT TO ZAXBY'S. I can't believe you are suing Egg Roll Express because you think their building resembles yours. I do not see that those two buildings look that much alike. What a petty thing to tie up an already busy court system with.

WHILE DRIVING DOWN Deans Bridge Road, I noticed seven to eight fire trucks at the new million-dollar training center. I was just wondering who was going to respond to emergency calls while they were training?

RANT TO MCDUFFIE schools. I have three kids in three schools and have received my sixth(!) fundraiser packet within two months. My daughter doesn't get to attend the "Mega Party" because I refuse to ask my family and neighbors to buy $8-a-roll wrapping paper when people can't even afford to fuel their vehicles.

RANT TO RICHMOND School Transportation. We, as parents, trust you with our children. Do your job and check the buses and if you're late, transportation, you need to answer the phone.

ALL THE COLISEUM board members should be fired. The civic center is nothing more than a waste of funds and should be closed immediately.

A BIG RAVE TO The Chronicle for printing Dr. Larry B. Mellick's article on the opinion page Sept. 23, and a big thank you to Dr. Mellick for something good in contrast to so much bad that usually makes the news!