Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


A HUGE RAVE to the originators and producers of the Westobou Festival. What a joy to have our area saturated with fine, positive artistic offerings for everyone. May this be the beginning of a long, successful tradition.

TROY DAVIS NEEDS to be executed for the killing of the Savannah police officer.

IS IT POSSIBLE that our commissioners are filling up other people's vehicles with gasoline?

BARACK OBAMA SAID he is going to raise taxes on businesses. Businesses do not have money. Expect an increase in the cost of goods and services because that's where the businesses get their money.

RAVE FOR DR. FRAZIER. Can we clone him, or at least use him as an instructor for principals at a principal school?

I THINK IT IS WRONG for the federal government to be bailing out failed businesses that made bad decisions and are at fault, in their own right. I pay taxes to support infrastructure and education, not big business. Other businesses will step in and take their place.

A RANT TO THE IDIOT who stole the GPS from my car in the University Hospital parking deck. I hope you enjoy it while it lasts because you left the charger behind.

GOVERNMENT AND PEOPLE are running out of money, so our education laws insist that elementary school cafeterias must offer kids three milk choices?