Changes to come with new facility

Maj. Dominick Nutter likes it when people don't notice him working. As director of emergency services for Fort Gordon, he said it usually means there is nothing bad happening to anyone on post.


"It's the type of work where people only see you when they are having a bad day," said the major, who oversees Fort Gordon's fire department, police agencies and 911 call center.

But that won't be the case Friday as he helps to unveil the new $4.5 million Law Enforcement Center.

Under construction since October 2006, the 17,000-square-foot facility is quite a change from the center's previous residence -- a converted dining hall on Chamberlain Road. For one thing, the new building has holding cells.

"At least now we do have a place to hold people temporarily, whereas before we had to take them to Lincoln County," Maj. Nutter said, adding that Fort Gordon has an agreement with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office to hold prisoners.

The department's 911 dispatch also has received some upgrades in the new facility, he said.

Along with new equipment, Maj. Nutter said they now have the ability to handle Richmond County's calls and vice versa should an emergency occur.

Along with dispatch, the building will house 147 staff members, including the provost marshal, military police desk, investigations division, traffic division and Department of the Army Civilian Police sections.

The brunt of their work on base is stopping petty thefts and other small crimes.

"On post is just a reflection of the civilian community," Maj. Nutter said. "With the trainee population, we have a certain number of AWOLs all the time and a certain number of underage drinking (arrests)."

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8 - maximum number of prisoners who can be held at one time

147 - number of law enforcement personnel in the center

17,000 - size of the building in square feet

$4.5 MILLION - total cost of the Law Enforcement Center

1 P.M. - time of the ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday