Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


IF YOU WANT TO save money on school expenses, cut the field lights off on Friday nights and play the games on Saturday afternoon in the light provided free by God.

CASTLEBERRY'S CLOSING. The market is in trouble. Services are disappearing. Foreclosures are up. Jobs are down. Yeah, all you McCain supporters just keep voting for more of same.

RAVE FOR Richmond County Board of Elections! The board has been doing a phenomenal job of recruiting voter registrations, promoting voter education and outstanding poll working training.

I THINK WE ALL should all know by now that Bill Cosby is the best candidate.

THEY'VE GOT DAYS for watering your yard, but the dumb-as-rocks people that run the government have not got a plan to have even and odd days to get gasoline.

RANT TO PRESIDENT BUSH. If he didn't have us in this useless war spending millions of dollars a day and losing American lives, we would have some money in our economy.

I'M READY TO MOVE to Antarctica. I'm just disgusted. I cannot believe that the people of this country can only pick the people they have picked for president.

RAVE TO OUR CARRIER, Ms. Moseley. She deserves recognition for her dependability delivering my daily paper, The Augusta Chronicle .

AUGUSTA TAXPAYERS are stressed out to the max. Certainly a stadium is not on their agenda.