Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


I HAVE SET ASIDE MONEY to pay my property tax. However, due to budgetary concerns, I have decided to "freeze" that money.

PEOPLE SHOULD PRAISE Commissioner Bowles for his pointing out what the people want to know about the usage of gas and mileage by our commissioners. It's something that's been pointed out by reporters as public information. If there's any reprimand, it should be made for that outgoing commissioner who dared to fill up two tanks on his last day.

VEEP CANDIDATE PALIN IS a pitiful representation of a downfall of our current times. To act like it's a celebration for her new grandchild to be born to a teenager who will be marrying the father of the baby. I sure hope the teenager and baby will not be a stat on the welfare roll. And Palin had better not sing the tired old song about abstinence when her daughter proves 100 percent that it fails!

DO LAWN SERVICES IN AUGUSTA pay to park in the turn lanes on Walton Way Extension? Are they exempt from tickets when they park their rigs in the middle of busy traffic?

IT SEEMS THE MORE THE Republican Party and V.P. candidate Sarah Palin attempt to sway voters, the more they distort facts and evade the real issues that confront the citizens of the United States. I suppose after you have begun to realize that you are on a losing team then your only recourse is to revert to early childhood and act like children.

DEAR DRIVERS OF THE CSRA, don't hate me (by tailgating me, cutting me off, and/or turning in front of me) because I ride a motorcycle. Be happy that I am reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and in the process bringing down the cost of your gas. Share the road.