Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


WASHINGTON ROAD PAVING? Huh! MLK Boulevard could use repaving, too, but then April visitors most likely won't be traveling that road. We just pay the taxes.

A RAVE FOR Mr. Wehunt, the lower school principal at Augusta Prep. I don't know if the afternoon pickup routine was his idea ... but it's fantastic!

BIG RANT FOR Bush. He just gave $1 billion of our hard-earned tax money to the wrong Georgia.

SARAH PALIN IS a successful woman, so why aren't the feminists rallying behind her? Because she loves and enjoys her children. To the feminists, children are a burden to be avoided. Poor feminists, women are no longer listening to their mindless drivel.

I AM NORMALLY not a college football fan, but I get sick at the fact that people in Georgia think the Bulldogs are some kind of gods and that Mark Richt is some kind of god.

A RANT TO REPUBLICANS, particularly those at the convention. While the Democrats were classy and did not talk down to the Republican Party, the Republicans have done nothing but be rude and disgraceful to them.

I AGREE WITH the senior from Evans High about the problem of honors parking -- and I'm a parent! My son earned his pass to park there and many selfish parents are ruining it for these hardworking kids.

BUSH JUST SENT "an extra" $1 billion to Georgia. That's a billion more of our money that doesn't yet exist, but Bush just pours it out like it's water from Gustav. Obama, with his communist tendencies (They're worse than tendencies) would likely do worse by actually helping the Russians arm, but that doesn't make Bush right.

HOW CAN OBAMA, a lifetime member of the Chicago political machine, ever even pretend to be for ethics reform?

BOTH GEORGIA SENATORS, Chambliss and Isakson, have come out foursquare against import tariffs. Import tariffs are what our Founding Fathers used to finance the original U.S. government. Thus, our present senators are fighting directly against our Founding Fathers. Which group do you trust?