Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


I ENJOYED MY parent-teacher night at Butler High School, but the one thing that disturbed me was the school board told them they had to shut the air down at 2:30 p.m. This was uncomfortable.

LET'S SEE, THE speed limit if I remember right is 55 regardless of which lane you are in. Maybe instead of complaining about slow drivers you should thank your lucky stars that the state patrol or Richmond County's finest aren't out there giving you a speeding ticket.

I'M FOR THE Hockey Mom!

THE AUGUSTA MALL exit onto Wrightsboro Road, near Bobby Jones Expressway, needs to be monitored. Cars leaving the mall continue well past the yellow light and block the intersection all the time.

I GUESS WHEN you submit excellent comments about Mayor Deke and City Administrator Russell, they don't make the Rant & Rave section. However, when there is negativity about them it's front and center! These two listened to me when I needed it. A big rave for my Augusta city officials.

THERE ARE 195,182 people who live in Richmond County. If each donates a dollar a week for two months, we could break ground for the Kroc Center before we elect McCain president.

I WOULD LIKE to thank the principal and teachers of Grovetown Middle School for a wonderful "Parent Back to School Night."

WHY WAS MONEY wasted on crosswalks along Belair Road and S. Belair Road/ Wheeler Road? No one even walks anywhere these days.

AIKEN SHERIFF Michael Hunt is completely wrong. The officer at fault, Mr. Nation, did exactly right.

RANT FOR MAYOR Deke. We don't need a new stadium. He doesn't go to any of the games. We don't need it.

WHY IS IT so hard for managers/supervisors to communicate with their employees during critical times, especially if they have a good group of workers?