Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THANK YOU, First Baptist of North Augusta. The patriotic service was wonderful.

A RANT AGAINST The Augusta Chronicle . Why do they always print negative cartoons and negative articles on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?

WELL, SO MUCH for test scores. Why test if they will pass you anyway? And they wonder why our SAT scores keep falling.

A RAVE FOR DR. SCOTT at Center for Primary Care in Augusta.

I LOST A PET two years ago, and because of her microchip, she got the chance to come back home to me. I want to get the word out there of how important it is and to thank all the people involved in bringing her home.

CHURCHES IN Richmond County do not have to pay property taxes for the church building, but many churches have multiple other properties that are not taxed. This is not fair.

AM I THE ONLY PERSON who thinks there is something fishy with the lottery?

A BIG RAVE for Mayor Pro Tem Betty Beard and her magnificent way of micromanaging the city of Augusta. She started micromanaging the transit department, then moved on to the legal department, then the maintenance department and now the utility department. With her skills we don't need a city administrator, mayor or commissioners.

WHY IS IT HERE in Richmond County that 1,715 kids failed their promotion tests twice and 1,476 are still promoted to the next grade, anyway?

BASEBALL STADIUMS, trolley lines and other expensive ideas are nice, but Augusta needs to take care of what we already have, like Riverwalk, and cleaning up our roads of trash and weeds.

THERE ARE TWO things this paper lacks very badly. One is that there is no business section that has stocks or mutual funds, and this is very, very poor. No. 2 is the Sunday edition, the Parade magazine is a hundred times better than the USA magazine.

PARENTS, PLEASE KEEP your children from disturbing fellow parishioners through their horse playing, loud talking and unning up and down the church aisles to the bathroom.

WHAT YOU HAD ON your Sunday front page about the Bulldogs should be on the sports page.

A RAVE FOR YOUR column about Insurance 101. I am a physician. I have hundreds of patients who do not have or understand the importance of life insurance. Thank you very much for your service to the community.