Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


FAITH-BASED initiatives are making shady preachers wealthy.

RANT FOR The Chronicle and the Lucy C. Laney band. I can't believe the picture on the front page of The Chronicle on Aug. 30. That was very rude of the band to be laying down while the other band was performing. The football team must have done the same thing since they lost the game.

I WANT TO THANK the Highway Department that cut the grass between Aiken and New Ellenton on Whiskey Road. Every day that we pulled out of the dirt road or out of our driveway we took our life in our hands because the grass was over 2 feet high and you couldn't see the traffic that was approaching on the hill as you went to pull out. It would be nice if you could cut it more than once every four months.

SONNY SPEAKS WITH forked tongue. How can Georgia's governor possibly come up with a tax break for drug companies at a time like this? This is the same man upping your property taxes to fill a budgetary void and cutting every possible state program to the bone, except his pet projects.

IT IS OBVIOUS THAT McCain's picking a 44-year-old female as a running mate is an attempt to pull as many Hillary backers as possible. This could backfire if McCain had a fatal heart attack.

I AM SO GLAD that someone else has put the election of our next president in God's hands. Only he knows who's the best.

JOHN MCCAIN'S vice presidential pick has already shown a serious lack of judgment. She didn't have the good sense to say "no" when offered a job for which she is supremely unqualified.

MY RANT IS FOR Sarah Palin. She knew that she had a 17-year-old unwed mother that was going to be subjected to this horrible media blitz at a time when she is really needing her privacy, so I think whether Mrs. Palin is qualified or not as vice president remains to be seen, but her family values seem to be missing.

PORK BARREL Republicans have created the biggest welfare program in the history of the U.S.: faith-based initiatives.