Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


I THINK RETIRED people should pay extra property tax. After all, they have had a lifetime to save up some money.

RANT TO FRED RUSSELL, saying he knows the needs of the community and his people when referring to trash service costing more money. First, most of us don't need to pay for two pickups per week. Second, the only thing you know how to do well is spend our tax dollars foolishly.

I AM SICK AND TIRED of people going into store dressing rooms and using it as a bathroom. If you don't know where it is, ask an employee!

RANT TO REP. Paul Broun for misusing taxpayer money. If I used my office budget the way he has, I'd be in jail!

IF WE'RE GIVING them condoms and birth control in middle school, we might as well let them get drunk in college. They are old enough for sex, they ought to be old enough to drink.

I'M ON I-20 between Belair and Wheeler Road exits, and my 55 mph is about 15 to 20 miles slower than all these Georgians that are passing me. Something must be wrong with my speedometer.

RANT TO THE commissioners. Stop complaining about the bus patrons using fake hotel keys to ride the bus for free. They're taking an example from you using the luxury of free gas.

RAVE FOR UNIVERSITY Hospital. I was a patient there. Nurse Robbin was excellent.

LOOK AT THAT smiling picture of Gov. Perdue published with the announcement of his freezing the homeowners' tax relief grants. It's telling us: "Got you again, you stupid voters!!"

THE SCAM ARTISTS are smarter than our city officials. If they can get bogus hotel room keys, they can get bogus receipts. Why is it so difficult to see the only solution to this problem is to simply do away with the program?

THANKS TO THE woman who picked my dog up out of Central Avenue after she had been hit by a car. She called me and the people who hit the dog didn't stop but she was behind them and she saw it and picked the dog up and stayed with my dog until I got there.

I WANTED TO WARN everyone, do not put ethanol in your lawn mower. It will stop running.

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