Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


WENT TO THE AUGUSTA Museum. The exhibits for James Brown and the history of baseball in Augusta were excellent! If you haven't been there, go. Well worth your time.

GEORGIA SCHOOL EXEC Kathy Cox wants students to apply for "her" 2008-09 student advisory council. They will "discuss how decisions made at the state level affect students. ..."

Can't Superintendent Cox make her own decisions? Does she need help from immature teenagers? Then again, is this just another way for Cox to get attention brought to herself?

RAVE FOR CIRCUIT CITY staff, especially Omar, Marcus and Russell for their great customer service and friendliness. Keep up the great work.

SINCE WHEN ARE employees paid an outrageous bonus just for doing their job? I wonder how much of that $15,000 is going toward Dr. Bedden's "battle"?

RANT FOR the Board of Education. How can you give a director/president a bonus of $15,000 and then raise taxes? Why is it there is talk about salaries being frozen, and cars getting taken away, and this man gets a bonus?

IT'S AMAZING HOW government can screw up everything it touches. Georgia officials insist we need statewide trauma centers, i.e., paid for by government tax money. Amazing that 50 years ago, private hospitals did most of the emergency room work in Georgia (and all other states). Now government does it, and as usual, they get everything wrong, and a lot of middle men take most of the money.

SCIENTISTS WANT TO "create artificial life."

"They've already accomplished some steps needed..."

Bull! To create life you must start with a handful of dust! These guys want to be God so badly, they will start with other forms of life and then pretend they "created" life. They also want their "creation" to be "capable of evolving," something God's creation doesn't do. So, they're "modifying and assembling existing ... molecules." That's not "creating!" That's just giant egos playing God.