Man pleads guilty in execution-style death

A second man who participated in the execution-style killing of a kidnapping victim pleaded guilty Tuesday.


In Richmond County Superior Court, Kelly Roberts, 30, became the second person sentenced to life in prison for the murder of 25-year-old Mickel I. Mosley, of Gaffney, S.C.

As Assistant District Attorney Geoffrey Fogus told the judge Tuesday, on the morning of July 25, 2006, when Mr. Mosley's body was pulled out of the water at New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam in Augusta, investigators had nothing. They didn't even know the victim's name.

But they picked at every thread of evidence across three states to unravel what happened to Mr. Mosley and find who was responsible, Mr. Fogus said.

In addition to Mr. Roberts, Demetric L. Twitty and Edward J. Reeves II were arrested by Richmond County sheriff's Investigator Steve Fanning, the lead detective in the case. A jury convicted Mr. Twitty in December, and he was sentenced to life in prison plus 20 years.

Investigators believe Mr. Twitty was the one who fired a gunshot into Mr. Mosley's head.

Mr. Reeves, whose case is still pending, testified against Mr. Twitty. He told the jury he was home in Augusta the night of July 24, 2006, when Mr. Twitty and Mr. Roberts knocked at his door. Mr. Mosley had been locked in the trunk of a car since his kidnapping in Gaffney several hours earlier.

Mr. Reeves admitted he showed them how to get to the Lock and Dam and that he was there when Mr. Twitty opened the trunk of the white Lexus and dragged Mr. Mosley out, the prosecutor said.

Mr. Mosley was bound hand and foot. He begged for his life, offering the car, credit cards and his future inheritance, Mr. Fogus said. Mr. Twitty forced Mr. Mosley to the river's edge, pressed the gun barrel to his head and fired, Mr. Fogus said.

Mr. Roberts could have faced life in prison without parole because of his criminal history. The plea agreement allows him to serve life with the possibility of parole, defense attorney Martin Puetz said.

Mr. Mosley's mother, Jacquelin Fowler, asked only that the men who killed her son never have a chance to do this again.

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