Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


COMMISSIONER DIANE FORD downplays the need for an aquatic center in Columbia County due to 1,200 miles of shoreline at Lake Thurmond and neighborhood swimming pools. I'm sure the hundreds of year-round swimmers in this county will be thrilled by the prospect of swimming laps after dark at the lake or their neighborhood pool in January.

A SKEPTICALLY RAISED eyebrow to Republicans who sacrificed their own primary vote in order to vote against Marion Williams in the Democratic primary.

WE NEED MORE POLICE out here on Hephzibah-McBean Road. We have speeders, cars passing each other when they shouldn't and now we have idiots breaking into vehicles, What are y'all waiting on, for someone to get killed!

BY ALL MEANS, arrest the thieves of copper tubing, manhole covers, and most recently the bronze urns stolen from graves. Then, arrest the scrap metal dealers buying this material. C'mon, what's the believable story for some bum to walk in with a city manhole cover.

IN 10 YEARS MCG in Augusta will be part of the University of Georgia. Augusta will just be another city suffering from an eroding economic base. I say Sic'umm you hairy dogs. ("Woof, Woof.")

A HUGE RAVE FOR Dennis Sodomka for his outstanding time as executive editor of The Chronicle and a rant for the decision allowing him to leave. Mr. Sodomka brought innovations which made the paper more readable and accessible. We will miss him.