Kendrick wins big in runoff

The turnout was low in Tuesday's runoff election, but businessman Steven Kendrick's margin of victory over former Augusta Commissioner Tommy Boyles in the Richmond County Tax Commissioner's race was high.


Mr. Kendrick became the Democratic nominee for the job with 65.3 percent of the vote. He received 4,297 votes to Mr. Boyles' 2,284 votes. His name will appear on the November general election ballot.

Because there is no Republican nominee for the office, Mr. Kendrick will take office in January.

After the election, Mr. Kendrick was celebrating with friends and supporters at 209 Lounge on Eighth Street.

"We feel really good about it," he said. "We worked really hard to get it to come out like this."

Mr. Kendrick, currently the vice president of Augusta Blueprint, won in 46 of the 75 precincts, scoring big wins at Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Gracewood Community Center, Wildwood Christian Church and Jamestown Community Center.

He received 794 of the absentee ballots cast to Mr. Boyles' 505 votes.

Only 7.05 percent of voters eligible to vote in Richmond County in the runoffs turned out to help choose Democratic nominees in the tax commissioner's race and the U.S. Senate race between Vernon Jones and Jim Martin.

After the July 15 primary that put him into a runoff with Mr. Kendrick, Mr. Boyles said Mr. Kendrick got his voters out, and he didn't.

"His voters came together, and mine just did not," he said. "I called Steven and wished him the best."

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Steven Kendrick 65.3%

Tommy Boyles 34.7%

- (75 of 75 precincts reporting)