Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


A RANT TO PEOPLE who say guns kill people. True, but someone has to pull the trigger. Cars kill, water kills, fire kills, ropes kill, food kills -- so on and so on. We can't blame everything.

A RANT TO PEOPLE who worry about other people's yards. Just mind your own property, and let the ivy grow where it will.

DO PEOPLE NOT REALIZE this is not December? Take your stupid Christmas lights down!

A REPORT OF A BEAR spotted in Augusta has been the most e-mailed story in a long time. This indicates that Augustans are eager to experience the wonder and the magic of exotic animals. Get off of your hump, Downtown Development Authority. We want camels on the canal now -- a lucrative enterprise for Richmond County.

WHO APPOINTED Al Gore "Environmental Czar?"

HILLARY SAYS 18 million women voted for her. Now if each of those women gave $2 to her campaign her debt would be wiped out.

PLEASE STAY AWAY from the scratch-off lottery. I watched my aunt blow $500 and only won $40. Don't be stupid.

RANT TO The Chronicle for the front page article on July 18. Strom Thurmond was not from nor ever did anything for Georgia. On this side of the river it's still Clarks Hill Lake.

AS AN AVID CYCLIST WHO rides Mullikin Road weekly, I can personally testify that motorists drive in excessive speeds on that road. Maybe the Sheriff's Department could patrol the area more frequently to catch speeders and save lives.

A RANT TO PEOPLE who think lowering the speed limit will save gas. No it won't. No one drives the limit now. That will just allow for more speeding tickets.