Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


I HAVE A RANT about the property tax raises. All the people that own property are getting penalized. Why don't they just do another penny on the sales tax so that everyone has to pay for the school system, not just people that own property?

RANT FOR THE maroon car driving on Bobby Jones Expressway last Friday evening about 9 p.m. They don't allow DVD players to be put in cars in the front seat so that the drivers can't be watching movies, and I think that should include passengers holding DVD players so that the drivers can't be watching from the passenger seat also.

I WOULD LIKE TO SAY that the 1,500 children not passing the math test so they can go on to the next grade is unreal. I think they should be taking a look at the math teachers they're hiring. In fact, I think they should take a look at all the teachers they're hiring. Teachers just aren't teaching like they used to.

RAVE FOR SEAN TODD at the Augusta Museum of History. He presented a wonderful behind-the-scenes tour of the process of collecting and preserving artifacts at the museum.

THE MORE THE school board spends, the more it wants to spend. The taxpayers haven't been shown what they are getting for their money.

MY RANT IS to the Richmond County Board of Education and the city government. Everyone in this country is having to cut back on things because of everything going up. Now you are going to raise our taxes. Instead, you should be cutting back. Everyone knows Richmond County has got too many employees and wastes too much money on high-paid people in their upper positions.

GOLF CARTS USED to be used on golf courses, not on the highways or streets. Where's their insurance and where's their registration?

IT LOOKS LIKE BEDDEN is showing his true colors now. He's definitely a follower of Charles Larke. Too bad Richmond County can't be smart and have another superintendent like Roy Rollins. At least he didn't try to raise peoples' taxes.