Richmond County results


District 12 Democratic race



John Barrow


(300 of 333 precincts reporting)

Regina D. Thomas.....23.9%

U.S. Rep. John Barrow will vie for a third term in November.

Since taking office in 2004, Mr. Barrow, of Savannah, has cast himself as a conservative Democrat who often sides with Republicans on issues such as the Iraq war and President Bush's signature tax cuts.

He scored a big endorsement from presumed Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

- Staff, wire reports

District 12 Republican race


John Stone

59.9 %

(300 of 333 precincts reporting)

Ben Crystal.....11.4%

Ray McKinney.....28.7%

John Stone, a former congressional aide, won without a runoff, despite not living inside the district.

Mr. Stone, a former radio news anchorman, spent most of the past 13 years working in Washington, where he was an aide to the late U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood and U.S. Rep. Max Burns.

Mr. Stone is the father of six daughters and lives on Walton Way.

- From staff reports


District 123 Democratic race


Gloria Frazier


(28 of 29 precincts reporting)

A.K. Hasan.....24%

State Rep. Gloria Frazier will retain her District 123 seat after defeating A.K. Hasan by close to 2,000 votes.

Mrs. Frazier won the district, which includes south Richmond County and most of Burke County, because of what got her the seat the first time, she said.

"My compassion, integrity and my commitment to working hard for the people," she said. "I definitely know now that people believe in what I'm doing in Atlanta."

Her opponent said he was thankful for the support he received, despite his loss Tuesday night.

"I focused on the business that was at hand, but I came up short," Mr. Hasan said.

Mrs. Frazier said running this campaign against an opponent gave her more appreciation for her seat.

"This was very, very exciting to have the opportunity to run this race," she said.

"I will continue to work for education and the seniors in my district."

- Stephanie Toone


Aug. 5: Primary runoff

Sept. 16: Special election

Nov. 4: General election

Dec. 2: General runoff