Ballot Questions

Here are the results of the nonbinding "straw poll" questions posed from the respective Republican and Democratic parties in Columbia County:



1. Should property tax increases be limited to the rate of inflation?

Yes 10,058 (78.58%)

No 2,742 (21.42%)

2. Should the IRS be abolished and the current federal tax system replaced with a progressive national retail sales tax (fair tax)?

Yes 10,723 (83.16%)

No 2,172 (16.84%)

3. Are you in favor of raising local taxes to fund the construction and operation of a convention/civic center in Columbia County?

Yes 2,704 (20.74%)

No 10,331 (79.26%)

4. Are you in favor of utilizing local taxes to fund a marketing program to develop and recruit upscale adult retirement communities (i.e. Sun City)?

Yes 3,118 (24.11%)

No 9,815 (75.89%)

5. Should candidates in Board of Education elections run in partisan elections (Republican or Democrat)?

Yes 6,719 (52.34%)

No 6,119 (47.66%)


1. Should Columbia County build a permanent recycling center?

Yes 1,747 (88.05%)

No 237 (11.95%)

2. Should nonpartisan elections be used to select members of the Planning & Zoning Board, thereby making the process more open to the public?

Yes 1,690 (87.66%)

No 238 (12.34%)

3. Should seat belts be mandatory for all Columbia County school buses?

Yes 1,618 (81.39%)

No 370 (18.61%)

4. Should an evening court system be implemented in Columbia County to ease the backlog of court cases?

Yes 1,596 (80.93%)

No 376 (19.07%)

5. Should construction contractors with a history of being late be prohibited by law from being awarded future contracts?

Yes 1,155 (59.29%)

No 793 (40.71%)

6. Should transportation be made available throughout Columbia County to help ease traffic congestion, decrease the use of petroleum products and help transport senior citizens?

Yes 1,790 (90.22%)

No 194 (9.78%)

7. Should our elected representatives take measures to better protect Columbia County water rights?

Yes 1,863 (94.71%)

No 104 (5.29%)


1. Should programs monitored by state and local educators replace the federal educational program "No Child Left Behind"?

Yes 10,021 (67.98%)

No 4,721 (32.02%

2. Should full funding of public education be a high priority for the Georgia Legislature?

Yes 13,474 (90.82%)

No 1,362 (9.18%)

3. Would you vote to support mandatory universal health care for all Georgia citizens?

Yes 12,420 (82.97%)

No 2,549 (17.03%)

4. It is estimated that $12 billion each month in taxes is needed to support the Iraq war. Would support of public safety, education, health care and repair of the infrastructure of our nation be a better use for such taxes?

Yes 11,943 (79.35%)

No 3,108 (20.65%)