Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


I THINK IT'S FUNNY that supporters of Marion Williams would call Woody Merry a trouble-maker. I just wish Woody Merry would run for some kind of office. I know he would get elected. Go Woody!

THE PAPER SALUTED a medical health professional. How about saluting the blood donors who have helped out with special donations for the burn victims from Savannah and Mississippi being treated at the Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital?

RANT TO THE PERSON who said nurses are only nice to people with good insurance. I had Medicaid when I was pregnant and I got the BEST care from the nurses at University Hospital.

WOULD YOU PLEASE poll Augusta and the Stevens Creek Road areas and see if anyone else is experiencing cracks in their bricks, cracks in their foundations and cracks inside their homes and bathrooms and such from the blasting at the quarry?

AMAZING THAT DEMOCRATS said in 2004 that their guy, John Kerry, was the best because he had a great record of military service. Now, four years later, they say that GOP nominee John McCain's impressive service isn't important. Make your minds up!

IF YOU WANT your gas prices solved then run for city commissioner and win. Then you can ride around town and charge it to the city.

I'D LIKE TO SEND a huge rave out to the professional beauticians at the Evans Wal-Mart. They do a beautiful job.

THANKS TO THE LADY who found my credit card in the ATM machine at Kroger on 15th Street.

THIS IS A HUGE RAVE for the hummingbird man at Windmill Plantation. I was having a terrible time with bees on my hummingbird feeders. He told me to just take some Vaseline and smear it around the area where the birds feed, where they insert their beaks. The bees will not land on that, and it will not bother the hummingbirds. It's worked fine.

PLEASE LEAVE Cul de Sac and Brewster Rocket cartoons alone. Now everyone enjoys being locked in grammar school humor. Come on people, it's just a dog!