Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


WHY DOES THE CHRONICLE keep running the Mini Page? And why does the Mini Page continue to mislead kids? Example: two full pages about the Fourth of July, and only a small corner of one of those pages even comes close to talking about independence for the new United States. The rest is about camping, which has absolutely nothing to do with the reason we celebrate the Fourth of July.

I HOPE THIS WARNING reaches my neighbors in time because if your fireworks set my yard or house on fire, you will be prosecuted. It is suggested that you shoot fireworks into a parking lot or over water.

IF RUSH LIMBAUGH just signed a deal worth $38 million, do you really think he cares if this country is in debt? You can believe this, after eight years of George Bush, his party is done. It's over. He loses. I would love to place a wager with this hypocrite.

I THINK THOSE who are down on the Augusta Groove need to sit down and be quiet. This is just another positive aspect that the city needs. I think that they needed to advertise more about the tryouts because I know a few people who are interested and did not know. So go, Augusta Grooves!

THE GEORGIA DOT agreed to settle, i.e., to pay off, two people who accused a DOT exec of harassment. The guy may be guilty, but the taxpayers are not guilty. Any payoff should come from the bad guy's pocket.

SHAME ON THE editorial page and other Republican-inspired media outlets for twisting Gen. (Wesley) Clark's legitimate comments into a "criticism" of (John) McCain's military service. Are you so hard-up for real issues that you have to resort to such nonsense?

INSTEAD OF RAISING TAXES in Richmond County for gas and schools, make driving and talking on a cell phone illegal. Charge $500 a pop and you'll get your money. Everyone is on their cell phone and not paying attention to driving.

I'VE ALWAYS BELIEVED guns are fine for hunting plentiful game, protecting your property and person from coyotes and poisonous snakes and such, or defending your home and family against invading criminals. But the idea of using guns to protect yourself from "the government" is dangerously absurd.

A RANT OVER the fireworks show at Fort Gordon. Hopefully somebody can do a better job next time.

A RAVE FOR attorney Chip Dillard. He's done for me in two months what another attorney in this town couldn't do in five years.