Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


RANT TO THE Richmond County School System: A public information director has been hired to answer questions and provide information while travel budgets for informative conferences and other instructional needs have been cut from the budget?

RANT TO AUDITORS on the Butt Memorial Bridge lack of repairs. The reason is that the public wants to keep the bridge and our politicians want to remove it. They hope it falls down so they will have their way.

RAVE FOR STEWART at Hill Drugs. He is always letting you know the most economical way to fill your prescription. I really appreciate this!

A GALLUP POLL SAYS only 12 percent of Americans think Congress does anything right. Where did they find those 12 percent? Everybody knows Congress only thinks of their own egos and ambitions.

EVERY TIME our public school pupils fail, our politicians want to spend more. Now they want to provide individual tutors for the failing students. And they call it "free." Of course, somebody pays, in this case the taxpayer pays again, since he's already paid one time for the initial public schooling. With decent parental teaching and discipline added to normal public school teaching, nothing more is required of taxpayers. Let the kids fail and then go out and learn the hard way.

GOV. PERDUE'S budget man, Trey Childress, "is asking state agencies to cut their budgets." Great idea, but a better idea is for the state to completely cut out a whole mess of agencies, those that do nothing but exist unconstitutionally and blow zillions of dollars. They could easily begin with cutting out half of the state's agencies. Then sit back and see how much better everything works.

SCOTT MICHAUX WRITES that ball team "Mascots have always seemed a little ridiculous." Right! And the U. of Georgia is giving a "funeral" to a dog with an "interment" in a marble vault. It's worse than silly, since this borders on animal worship.