Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


THE U.S. ARMY has an 18-member cast of their "show" that travels, apparently, for seven months? Is that what we pay soldiers to do -- sing and dance?

SOME POOR SLUG OF a ranter said that trying to stop teens from getting pregnant is "very thoughtless and plain old-fashioned." That poor ranter is lost. Then she exposed herself; her kid is an education major. That means, the poor kid can at least pass the absurd courses in what today are called departments of education. How very sad all this is.

RE: YOUR ARTICLE about businesses "going green." Most of it was laughable, e.g., "green-certified products." Know that many of us who grew up before 1950 have always been conservationists, but not used that for political purposes, as is the aim of everybody who calls himself an environmentalist. Even the suckers who don't realize it, but fall for the "greener" line, are still doing politics -- NOT conservation.

A RANT TO THE MAN that said nurses only help if you're insured. I know for a fact that the medical angels known as nurses would do everything in their power to put your mind at ease and make you as comfortable as possible regardless of insurance. I know you'd be singing a different tune if something ever happened to you and the good men/women in nursing cared for you.

WELL, WELL, Mr. Padgett is called 'old fashion' and a 'Neanderthal' in the Rants & Raves for saying the pregnant teens were throwing away their futures. Whether you agree with him or not, it is hardly a thoughtless comment. I think that a survey of women who did and did not have children during their teens would reveal some interesting results. Hope the son at Georgia Southern is wiser than his mother.

RANT to all the Christians who complain everyone else isn't "Christian" enough. Look in a mirror.