Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS A HUGE RAVE for the Marine Mud Challenge. It was a great activity for the children. A special thanks for Tavaris -- aka Mr. T. -- at the last obstacle. He and the others there were really great with the kids!

TO EVENT HOLDERS IN AUGUSTA: Stop robbing people at the concessions and for tickets. You will get more people to come if you make it affordable. A family can't afford to take a family of four because you charge so much.

A RANT FOR COLUMBIA COUNTY schools, you have an enrichment program NOT gifted and if you took the principles of your enrichment program and applied them to teach the children who struggle in school you would find they would excel.

RAVES to the Columbia County Board of Education on the first anniversary of the superintendency of Charlie Nagle who brings to his position a level of integrity unseen there since the retirement of Dr. Don Thornhill, the successor to the legendary John Pierce Blanchard.

THIS IS A RANT to our neighbors on Fairington Drive in Columbia County Co. who let their dogs run loose in the neighborhood. Perhaps you don't realize there is a leash law.

RAVE -- I really appreciate the special education consultants at the Richmond County Board of Education. They are visible in the schools almost daily working with teachers, parents, students and administrators. Despite the job stress, they are always trying to go the "extra mile."

A RANT TO COLUMBIA COUNTY, which should have a search and dive team to do only that when needed, not have to recruit others. We need a group that can be closer to the lake.

RAVE TO MCG 4 West nurses and staff for all their kindness and thoughtfulness.

I WOULD LIKE TO SEND a well-deserved RAVE to the Harlem Baseball Booster Club, I have been umpiring sports for many years and by far these parents have gone above and beyond in today's society to show sportsmanship.

IS CONDOLEEZZA RICE the Secretary of State of Israel? She seems to think she is.