Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS A RANT for all consumers who buy products from any store. It is very rude to drop your money on the counter and expect the cashier to pick it up. If you want someone to give you good service, put it in their hand.

THANK YOU, IHOP, for coming to south Augusta. We are looking forward to you opening your doors. IHOP has the friendliest, youngest and the prettiest waitresses in town anywhere and they have a great super breakfast and all the pancakes you want. They are the best in the world and we can't wait till you open.

AUGUSTA-RICHMOND County government: Stop being gas guzzlers. Buy your own gas.

I HAVE A RANT. My daughter is at Merriwether Elementary School in Edgefield County and I think it's pretty sad all the kindergarteners had to bunch all their parents, grandparents into their classrooms for the end- of-the year ceremony while grades first through fifth got to have theirs on stage in the lunchroom with the principal recognizing each of them. That wasn't fair at all.

REGENCY MALL BEING turned into an outlet mall is a great idea.

JUST A SHAME Augusta Symphony has to start an instrumental fund to honor somebody that got slain at a drug deal. Why don't they establish a fund in the name of the late Harry Jacobs? He did more for the Augusta Symphony.

THIS IS A RAVE for Famous Dave's take out. This is especially for Fred, the manager, and Joy, the worker. Thanks for the good service after the problem we had on Memorial Day.

I AM A FIRM BELIEVER that violence never solves anything. I also believed that someday someone would punch Woody Merry's lights out.

TO THE THREE MEN in the Ford F-150 who jumped out of their truck to steal 11 rolls of roofing felt out of my car while I was walking to the middle of the bridge on I-20 trying to get the rest that fell off the truck: I hope you that stealing made you feel like real men. I'm sure someone other than me saw you.

HOW IRONIC THAT state test scores from English classes have plummeted. Consider that the courses are now, apparently, called "English language arts." That's a redundancy it itself. Maybe the "educators" need to study up first.

WOODY MERRY IS a bantam rooster who wants be a big boy someday and can't figure out how.