Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


A HUGE RANT FOR THE Georgia Department of Education and the U.S. Secretary of Education! The Georgia students come up a few points short in the CRCT fiasco, and they are told to attend summer school. The schools all across the state come up short in testing requirements for No Child Left Behind and the Secretary of Education gives the schools and teachers a free pass by lowering the minimum acceptable standards statewide. If you're holding students to a high standard, then do the same for schools!

ALL MY LIFE I'VE been told that it would be easier for any black man to be elected president than for a white woman to be elected. This campaign m a y prove that.

I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE concept of printing the online Rants & Raves. It's like walking in after the movie has already started. You have to be there from the start to understand the topic.

RICHMOND PUBLIC SCHOOLS say they have suffered a "shortfall" in the budget. Notice that word; it sounds so constrained and benign. Yet what it means is that somebody in authority blew $13 MILLION, gouged out of the taxpayers. "Shortfall" is a euphemism for "short." It's a term used to make an unpleasant word sound more pleasant. Watch your backs around people who spout euphemisms.

A RANT TO COLUMBIA COUNTY development officials. When do we get a bookstore instead of more restaurants? The aversion to knowledge is also reflected in the "hollow" library - all show and no quality books. Or is it an entertainment facility?

THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN, that should only be allowed to function beginning three weeks before Election Day, has now run for several years and several HUNDRED million dollars in ad spending. And guess who makes the money? The same people who refuse to STOP covering the same-old, same-old campaign nonsense 24 hours a day. The only winners are the big media; the losers are the rest of us.

STORY SAYS: "Atlanta has turned to the private sector for (school) funding." Wake up, taxpayers! The private sector funds EVERYTHING. Government produces NOTHING and has NO money other than what it takes from us under the threat of a court sentence.

FOR SEVERAL YEARS NOW we have had three U.S. senators feeding their own egos and completely failing at the jobs they were elected to do, namely serve the constituents of the states in which they were elected. Oh, they take the fat paychecks and benefits, but has any one of these three -- Obama, McCain or Hillary - hit a lick.