Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


A RANT TO THE parents whose children failed the math CRCT. If you took an active role in your child's education, then they would have passed the test. You had plenty of time and freely available study material.

A RANT FOR THE COLUMN celebrating that traitor Jeff Davis' birthday. He and his ilk cost the lives of 600,000 men, for what? Money and power.

TO THOSE WHO SAY many mistakes were made in our war with terrorism: The greatest mistake was in not following our constitution by not declaring war. Our troops are at war; our nation is not. We have not had a timely declaration of war since WWII. How would this have changed things? The president would have wartime powers. Gas would have long ago been rationed, and there would not be the problem of Congress financing the war. The greatest change would be that if this whole nation was at war, and concentrated on that problem as No. 1, we would have felt the pinch and the war would be over by now. But we continue to say that our Constitution was written for another time and ignore its definition of war and its criteria for citizenship.

CEOS OF TOP COMPANIES demand gigantic pay based on "making" the stock prices go up. Wachovia Bank finally got smart and fired theirs. Even then, the guy has already been paid several fortunes. Who the heck is leading private industry in the U.S.? No wonder we're sinking.

A RANT TO FORT GORDON. The policy on cell phones on post is flagrantly violated every day. Officers, soldiers and civilians don't care, and no one seems to do anything about it.

WAGT-TV MADE a mistake in not letting their viewers know the Stanley Cup hockey game would not be aired. They let the viewers believe that the NHL game would be aired locally, making it impossible for people to make alternate plans to see the game. They have alienated a great many people.

RAVES AND KUDOS to Oliver Hobbs of Southgate Baptist Church for his leadership of our Men's Fellowship Breakfast, which meets the last Saturday of every month at 8:30 a.m. (all are welcome) and his many other services. He is instrumental in bringing men from various churches and ethnicities together in a brotherhood that is uplifting and edifying. Raves also to his wife, Josephine, for the delicious breakfast they prepare.

THIS IS A RANT to all of those citizens who say "I support the troops," but take no action to support the troops. If you say it, you should be doing it. A yellow ribbon on your car does not mean a thing unless you take action.