Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers.


IF GUNS CAUSE violent crimes, then cars cause accidents, needles cause drug addictions, bottles cause alcoholism and forks are responsible for my pot belly.

COULD SOMEONE TELL ME if it's the agent I have with Child Support Recovery or the local office itself that doesn't push the enforcements it is given?

CONGRATULATIONS, AUGUSTA, on a fantastic Thunder Over Augusta. The exhibits, concert and fireworks were a great tribute to our military heroes. Let this be an annual event.

A GIANT RAVE FOR George Patty, who is the "man behind the curtain." George, who is head of Richmond County planning and zoning and has real history with Augusta problems. Take 10 percent from each commissioner and give it to George as a raise and let him make the decisions. George has good sense.

TROLLEY BUSES? I feel they should run them again. There "were" pockets of times when the buses had a number of passengers, so it was a shame to shut down those buses. And with the change to downtown with new shops and restaurants and the upcoming opening of the former JB White Building, I think it should be run to encourage more touring of downtown.

A RAVE FOR Jeff Kervin Stump & Tree Co. They gave me the best service.

A RANT FOR ALL THE people who get mad when you are asked for ID when using your credit card. You should be glad that we are asking for ID. If you don't want to show your ID, then don't use your card. We do this to protect our business and you also.

A RANT TO PARENTS who allow their children to run around, scream and climb on railings in a restaurant. There are some of us who would enjoy a relaxing meal without the interruption of your out-of-control brats!

I'VE BEEN LEGALLY carrying a pistol every day for about two years. During that time, I have been hassled by panhandlers; bumped, jostled, poked and pushed while standing in lines; been treated rudely by waters, waitresses, cashiers and clerks; and I have not shot anyone. I've accidentally dropped and kicked my gun several times, and moved it from my pocket to my waistband and from my waistband to the console of my car countless times. It has never accidentally discharged. You are safer because I carry my pistol.