Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


SO MY DAUGHTER PASSED math all year and then failed the CRCT test by four points and has to go to summer school?

LET'S SEE, THE DEMOCRATS are in the process of choosing between a socialist with communistic leanings and a communist with socialistic leanings. Some choice.

RESIDENT OF HEPHZIBAH HILLS, would you please quit calling the cops on the kids of the neighborhood for such stupid things as riding a little minibike down the road, riding a golf cart down the road, walking across the front of your lawn or bouncing a basketball up the road? They could be doing drugs, drinking, shooting up the neighborhood or fighting in the streets.

SHOULD BE A LAW: Before one becomes a lawyer, goes to an Ivy League school or runs for political office, he or she must serve in the military.

PARENTS, DO YOU really think it's OK to let your middle school daughters dress like mini-adults? Or are you too afraid to correct them? We almost had to cover our eyes at a recent honors program to avoid the R-rated clothes and makeup.

ANOTHER HUGE RAVE for Thunder over Augusta. You could feel the love and compassion given to these soldiers, and they were extremely appreciative. This was the most spectacular family gathering Augusta has ever experienced. Thank you, Mr. Thompson.

RAVE FOR SOME of the citizens of Augusta and Evans for the respect shown during a family members funeral procession on May 17 . It was on Belair Road at approximately 3:30. Almost every vehicle pulled over. ... I haven't seen that kind of consideration and respect in a long time and it was overwhelming.

HOW ABOUT RATHER than lowering the legal drinking age, we raise the age to join the armed forces?

FORGET ABOUT THAT trolley car. Don't spend millions on such a scheme. You need to spend some money and put lights on Broad Street and on the riverfront. It's dangerous for a family of children to go on the riverwalk at night.