Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


A RAVE FOR THE armed forces party downtown. It was a blast.

THUNDER OVER AUGUSTA was totally awesome. Great job to all who helped put it on for Augusta and the women and men at Fort Gordon. Great job!

RANT TO THE CROWDS at the armed forces salute. Maybe it was because folks didn't have to pay a penny for the music, but they were rude and obnoxious in chatting up a storm as concerts went on.

THUNDER OVER AUGUSTA was great. Augusta outdid itself. Great entertainment and great fireworks.

HATS OFF TO everyone who organized, supported or attended the Thunder Over Augusta events. A special thanks to Donnie Thompson, who unselfishly made it all happen. Finally, to all the men and women of all the military branches who serve every day, oftentimes without recognition -- a huge thanks from Augusta.

DO WE WANT OUR president to come from a party that made a decision not to allow voting in Michigan and Florida?

A RANT FOR THE two morons riding motorcycles on Windsor Spring Road at Rosier Road. One of you jumped in front of my truck and slowed down so the other one could get over. When you play with danger, sometimes you lose.

RAVE TO BROOKE at the Mellow Mushroom for the great service when my family was in town.

A BIG RAVE TO the man who took our lunch check at Cracker Barrel and thanked my husband for his World War II service to our country.

THIS IS A GREAT BIG rave for the "full-size" Sunday comics. We like them so much. Hope you keep them full size forever!

A RANT ABOUT the lack of theater etiquette at school performances. You don't talk, chew gum, eat or drink during the performance in the theater; this is not your family room. You don't point laser lights at the performers, nor flash photography; it's dangerous.

I HAVE BEEN A RESIDENT in south Augusta for many years. I am also a taxpaying, law-abiding citizen and employed. I work hard to keep up the appearance of my home and yard, although many around me do not. It concerns me that the county does not monitor the streets for potholes, overgrown brush and unkept vacant lots in my neighborhood. As I ride through west Augusta and other upscale neighborhoods, the streets are maintained. Why is it that people living in south Augusta do not get the same services as our high-class neighborhoods?