Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


I SUGGEST THAT THOSE of you, including The Chronicle's editorial writers, who are obsessed with trashing Jimmy Carter, try attending one of his very popular Sunday school classes, and also look at the Carter Center Web site. You might gain some appreciation of Mr. Carter's efforts to make the world a better place.

MY WIFE AND I recently drove to River Watch Park to walk one evening. The park is an embarrassment with the horrible landscaping or lack of, garbage overflowing around the playground, lights out etc... We have so little in the Garden City, and what we do have is neglected. What really angers me is that we seem to afford a $25 million dollar tax break for Bass Pro Shop to come to a new mall that we don't need but we can't take care of a small humble park ... not even empty the trash!

I SPENT 33 YEARS with Shell Oil in marketing. During that time, we elected to forego ethanol-based gasoline for numerous reasons, ie. alcohol increases water related engine problems, gas mileage suffers from 3 to 5 percent (dependent on the percent of ethanol). Our PRIMARY reason for avoiding corn-based ethanol was that it's morally wrong to use food for fuel.

TO ALL MY STUDENTS AT CMS, I'd like to say thanks for being such a wonderful bunch of kids!

ANY CHURCH THAT HAS A lobbyist going to Atlanta to influence our lawmakers should forfeit its tax-exempt status.

AMERICA IS SPOILED BEYOND BELIEF. Story about a family who will now eat out only once a week. Fifty years ago, a typical American family ate out maybe four or five times a year.

A RAVE FOR Dr. Stephen Schmidt and the staff of Family Practice of Evans. I have never met such a wonderful and caring group of people!

A RANT FOR EVERYONE who calls law enforcement officers "heroes." They are not heroes for doing their job. That's right. It's just a job, not a calling. It has its good moments and bad times but they knew what the pay was when they signed on and were trained at taxpayer expense. I personally would rather handle my own problems myself, and a lot of the cops feel that way too, even if they won't say so.