Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


A HUGE RAVE to Doctors Hospital. To all the nursing staff, doctors on 5West that took care of the lady so well in Room 511. And you know who I'm speaking of. God bless all of you.

THE BIG FUSS about Jeremiah Wright? Much ado about very little except that it served the conservatives and gives ammunition to those not ready for a black or a woman to be president.

I DO BELIEVE our country is in a recession. I made my monthly trip to the grocery store. One of them. I got my basics that I get every month, that comes to between $90 and $100. This month they came to $140. So that tells you that we have got to be in a recession.

THE CREDIT CARD companies are responsible for a lot of the rises in gas prices. They need to be checked out thoroughly.

THIS IS A RANT for the tax assessor's office. I think we need to get some competent people in there running it. My value increased $40,000, and I get a statement yesterday and it's gone up another over $5,000 for this year. Something is definitely wrong. I've not done anything to my house or property. No improvements. This is wrong.

PRICES ARE GOING UP on food, gas, electricity and everything else. Do you really think they're ever going to come down? You know anything that goes up never comes down in price.

AFTER HAVING TO WATCH that beautiful brave horse die during the Kentucky Derby and then wake up Sunday morning and have some sleazeball editor put it on the front page just to sell newspapers is despicable. The Augusta Chronicle turns me off. You're a despicable bunch of people to do something like that. I'm going to cancel my subscription.

HUGE RAVE to Kmart pharmacists in North Augusta, Dr. Shivery and his assistant Ms. Phillis. The two are always very pleasant, polite and efficient.